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AH-Software had a live stream this morning (February 25, 2015) discussing details with YAMAHA about Yuzuki Yukari's V4 update, VOCALOID4, and future VOCALOID5 details.

Click here to view the recorded stream for yourself!->…

Details from this live stream are as follows:
:bulletblue: Yuzuki Yukari V4 comes with 3 voice libararies (Jun, Onn, and Lin) and will be packaged in a 3-in-one package and the three libraries will also be available separately. Yuzuki Yukari V4 will also be available as a V4 Starter Package--comes the V4 editor. Yuzuki Yukari V4 will be available March 18, 2015!

:bulletblue: Discussion of the new Oculus Rift promotional event for Yuzuki Yukari, a new skiing collaboration promotional event for Tohoku Zunko, and new merchandise of Yuzuki Yukari in general. (Phone cases, Backpacks, Straps, and etc.)

:bulletblue: The founder of the VOCALOID project, Hideki Kenmochi, has retired from working on VOCALOID development, being replaced with a new head president Katsumi Ishikawa. Mr. Ishikawa promises new languages, more human sounding VOCALOID's, and more.

:bulletblue: Yamaha has released a V2 VOCALOID import tool for the V4 editor. You can directly process the V2 voice banks into V4, there is no longer the need to import V2 voice banks to V3 in order to import them to V4.  

:bulletblue: CYBER DIVA, who had already been available to the Japanese market in December, will be available to be purchased in the United States in early March of this year.

Future Goals For VOCALOID5 Engine

:bulletblue: More languages are being planned. Currently French, Portuguese, and Italian are being considered.
:bulletblue: Aims to sound more human.  "ultimately toward AI"
:bulletblue: Better note inputs, to make ways of using the editor more fun.
:bulletblue: Better suitable for more genres of music.
:bulletblue: More innovative than the current V4 engine.

Please note: that these are just future goals, and may be subject to change.

The next AH-Software live stream will take place on March 18, 2015 9:00 AM, Japan time.

Sources: Tohoku Zunko official twitter, AH-Software official Twitter, and the AH-Software live stream.…
Let's see how each of the Vocaloid's did in 2014! Popularity wise.

Please note: These graphs are based on statistics from Nico Nico Douga. (A popular Japanese video sharing site)
Non-Japanese Vocaloids whose works are mainly posted on video sharing websites will not be accurately represented.

Click the link for the graphs.…

:bulletblue:(Top 20 Japanese, only listed. From most popular to least)
1. Hatsune Miku (Jpn and Eng VB)
2. Gumi (Jpn and Eng VB)
3. Kagamine Rin
4. IA
5. KAITO (Jpn and Eng VB)
6. Kagamine Len
7. Megurine Luka (Jpn and Eng VB)
8. Yuzuki Yukari
9. MEIKO (Jpn and Eng VB)
10. Camui Gackpo
11. Lily
12. Nekomura Iroha
13. Aoki Lapis
14. Rana
15. kokone
16. MAYU
17. ZOLA Project (YUU, WIL, KYO)
18. Tohoku Zunko
19. VY2
20. VY1

The unlucky Japanese Vocaloids bringing up the rear:
33. Anon and Kanon, YOHIOloid (Jpn + Eng vb)
37. Ryuto
42. Chika
38. SeeU (Jpn and Kor VB)
52. Akikoloid-chan

:bulletblue:(Top 7 English, only listed. From most popular to least)
33. YOHIOloid (Jpn + Eng vb)
41. BIG AL
44. SONiKA
44. LEON

The unlucky English Vocaloids bringing up the rear:
47. Prima
48. Sweet ANN
48. LOLA

:bulletblue:(Top Chinese. From most popular to least)
39. Luo Tianyi
40. YanHe

:bulletblue: (Top Spanish. From most popular to least)

Overall with the new Vocaloids released in 2014 (No updates to previous Vocaloids): Rana was the most popular introduced whereas Chika was the least popular introduced.

Of course, Miku maintains her popularity and gains momentum.  Tohoku Zunko started strong but wasn't able to maintain her popularity for a while. There is a sharp decline in popularity for Gumi, whereas KAITO had a huge boost in popularity, pushing him to #5.  Megurine Luka and IA are both loosing a bit of popularity.

Please see the link above if you want to know how well all of the VOCALOID's did. We only listed some.

Since this fanclub is for every VOCALOID,
The admins agreed to feature more VOCALOID's in the main icon. We decided on the most popular VOCALOID's of each of the main VOCALOID companies to represent the companies, respectively. We also decided to have all the languages represented (English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese.)

But anyway, here's our new icon! - :iconvocaloid-fanclub:

Here is how we chose.

:bulletblue:Hatsune Miku - Crypton Future Media
:bulletgreen:GUMI - Internet Co.
:bulletpurple:Yuzuki Yukari - AH-Software
:bulletpink:IA - 1st Place
:bulletblue:Luo Tianyi - Shanghai He Nian, Bplats
:bulletblue:OLIVER - Power FX
:bulletgreen:AVANNA - Zero-G
:bulletpink:MAIKA - Voctro Labs
:bulletorange:SeeU - SBS Artech

We were gonna have VY1 to represent Bplats; but anymore VOCALOID's and the icon would be over deviantart's group icon size limit (30kb), so we decided to have Tianyi there to represent both Vocanese (Shanghai He Nian) and Bplats..
Happy Valentines everyone!!

Do you know what that means? 2015's Valentines Day marks the 1st anniversary for when kokone was released!!  Internet Co released a female VOCALOID with falsetto capabilities on the VOCALOID3 engine on February 14th, 2014.

Happy 1st Birthday, kokone!

Featured member artwork:
Kokone by oishiipuddiiheart sound by oishiipuddiiHappy Valentine's Day! by oishiipuddiiVOCALOID Kokone by lEdogawaVocaloid V3 Kokone by TeppiMasaki

Also, a Happy Birthday to KAITO, who was released 9 years ago on February 14, 2006 for the VOCALOID engine (V1). KAITO actually has two release dates, February 14th (YAMAHA) and February 17th (Crypton).  So we're just gonna post his birthday here, to save journals.

Happy 9th Birthday, KAITO!

Featured member artwork:
KAITO V3 by yui-22VOCALOID KAITO + Eternally by BakaMandy.:Collab:. Kaito - Goodmorning by HA2693A star dwells by ymkwKAITO - V3 by 0-LiKe-0
Catching up: Daigasso! Band Brothers P is a 3DS game released on Nov 14, 2013 in Japan, the latest entry in the Daigasso! Band Brothers franchise.

This rhythm game is based on becoming a music producer and heavily promotes the use of VOCALOID. It allows users to create songs, download songs, and download a few VOCALOID voicebanks into the game. It promotes a "Create Your Own VOCALOID" system where players can make a low-quality VOCALOID database using the 3DS's built-in microphone.

Featuring the following VOCALOID's:
:bulletblue: "User created VOCALOID"
:bulletblue: VY1
:bulletblue: Aoki Lapis *Downloadable since February 26, 2014
:bulletblue: Camui Gackpo *Downloadable since April 24, 2014
:bulletblue: GUMI *Downloadable since August 27, 2014
:bulletblue: ZOLA PROJECT (YUU, KYO, WIL) *Downloadable since January 31, 2015

Daigasso! Band Brothers P footage:

Currently, this has only been a Japanese only release.
Sources: Vocaloid Wiki, Neogaf, Nintendo World Report

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