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Submitted on
September 10, 2011


18 (who?)

Vocaloid Art Jam!!: Winners

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2011, 4:57 PM

This contest is now sponsored by

For 5 lucky winners, Vocaloid-fanclub are giving away the chance to win a €50 prize! Cosmepix is a photo editing service, they are able to range from classic editing, to professional enlargement of photos. The prize is only usable on the service, not for real cash. Anyone that has completed the whole contest may get this prize. You will be offered the prizes, but if you don't want it, let us know, and we'll give it to the next winners (those that gave up on the last drawing - although very unlikely!). If simply no one is interested we may decide to keep these for further contests.

As mentioned yesterday, thanks to everyone who has entered, and a big congratulations to everyone who has managed to come to the end of the Art Jam! There were many great contestants, so it was quite hard to choose! Also, one of the reasons for this contest was not only to encourage artists to draw other Vocaloids than the usual ones they draw, but also ones that aren't as popular.

All art that has been submitted for the contest will be checked over before moving to their character's folders. We have been especially kind to allow art that usually goes against our rules for this contest.

Here are all the people that have successfully completed all weeks:
-sarathecrazygirl95: 18
-soujis: 18
-hen-tie: 18
-KingisNitro: 18
-kh013: 18
-projectTiGER: 18
-Nin-Wolf: 18
-Nobu-Hazel: 18
-Anemone-OF-Jonquil: 18
-Xin-yii: 18
-Exorciststuck: 18
-Desiree-U: 18
-mirukyun: 18
-Kachanx23: 18
-AyukawaNeko: 18
-Azuumi-Hime: 18
-faerimagic: 18
-Juliana1121: 18
-Kheetza: 18
-moonlight-fox: 18
-blackyuna: 18
-shinatarou: 18
-JojoLeopard: 18
-Zalia-Ash: 18
-ShadowFox777: 18

And the winner is...


As first place, here is your prize:

From the group, you will get 3 months subscription to deviantART
-StrawberrySquidd: 2 full color, full background requests
-Anomonny: 100 points
-mini-smiley: 3 requests fully colored (digital), 3 requests fully colored (traditional)
-LolitaPrincess94: 20 points free full crossover drawing of any characters
-bacon-is-yummy: Free request
-reachability: Chibi drawing
-Yay-123: Free request
-VXepher: Wallpaper-sized full body CG
-Nin-Wolf: Two characters of choice + simple bg (traditionally) + 1 chibi (traditionally)
-VivaRei: Fullbody traditional drawing
-Raffian: Free request, coloured full body
-ridekasama: Free request
-Kurama-chan: Winner's favorite Vocaloid drawing
-ICanReachTheStars: 20 points + free digital drawing request + paperchild

Next we have the Raffle Prizes. These are chosen randomly from the list of contestants that have participated at least the first week:


1:-OniiChanMiku: Free Request
-KirbyAustria: Free request
-michiko-desu Free digital request
-BellaEddieworld: Sketch request
-Anomonny: 39 points
-Demimano: Traditional headshot
-oykux: Coloured chibi of a Vocaloid


2:-Yay-123: Free request
-HimeKono-Chan Free request
-Raffian: Free request, coloured full body
-Atsime: Sketch request
-Nin-Wolf: 3 chibi's (media depends)
-HiddenWings07: Traditional headshot
-ridekasama: Chibi request


3:-chalollita: Free request
-LUNATICfantasy: Traditional bust up
-recklessFlailing: Free digital request
-VXepher: Waist CG
-Kyuutan: Full body request (traditional)
-LolitaPrincess94: 20 points + free full crossover drawing of any characters
-Alavesa: Headshot pencil request


4:-shi-k: Free request
-korubaka: Free digital request
-EsteIIe: Some points + free commission
-Zalia-Ash: Coloured waist up
-Nobu-Hazel: Vocaloid drawing
-Ms-Cake-Bandit: A llama
-chibimeganekko-tan Full coloured chibi wallpaper


5:-Plaguey: Free request
-RainbowZebra99: Digital art request
-shinatarou: Colored full character drawing
-Ailish-Lollipop: Vocaloid chibi request
-StrawberrySquidd: 2 full body, full background requests
-MulberryDreamer: Bust sketch, digital or traditional
-Yukiko-Kun: Chibi of a Vocaloid

We can also have a look at the statistics:

Seems like the biggest drop in contestants was in Ryuto's week, what a shame!

Anyway, here is our next winning piece from the Gumi week:

Skin by kimbopeep
Modified and logo by Sap-Green
Images from
Characters copyrighted to Crypton
Character designs illustrated by KEI
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For some reason, I had a feeling =projectTiGER would win~
Good jjob and congrats to the fellow participants~

.......Not that anyone cares but I'm AyukawaNeko who switched accounts....
Nin-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Student General Artist
just one tip, next time, make sure to make a brand new journal when announcing the end of the contest. The updates never reached me, so I had to look for them myself. Furthermore, one of the main points with winning this is the feature (even a small name). That is pretty much worthless when you don't get the journal in your message center. Looking at the comments, most are from people who have had contact directly with the contest.
It might just be me who didn't get the updates, but when a contest ends it is something the whole group should know.

but well, i guess everyone learned something from this contest ^^
i'm looking forward for future contests. Altough, next time, maybe something smaller ;P
Sappokei Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah sorry about that. All the complications of dA not being able to update their journals is erally quite frustrating.
waraulol Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That is a really great ending. :D

Congrats to :iconprojecttiger:! You deserved it :D

Oh, and the raffle winners too. =P

There's so many cool arts here and there, I love it XD
projectTiGER Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
..Well this is certainly something amazing to wake up to. :la:

aj;kldsjfa;lskdjf I should be thanking you guys for holding this contest, you guys have no idea how much drawing weekly has helped me, and I'm sure the other 25 of us who manages to finish each week would say the same.
OneOfABeautifulKind Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well done!!! Your art is amazing!!! :iconcheerplz:
Atsime Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaa, I'm grateful for the raffle, I really am.

But I'm also very sorry to have upset people because I did not participate as much as the other raffle winners. (One week... "orz)

Please give all your love to the other raffle winners then. ^^
Pains-beloved-son Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
yo i remeber volunterring awhile ago to draw somebody a prize art of any vocaloid????? i believe it was for first place.... why i have been taken off??????
NekoLiliah Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations to everyone that made it to the last week and to the winner!!! *-* Her and ~My1Heaven are really awesome!!
And... wow... I was really lucky... _
Azuumi-Hime Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
UGH, WHAT? You put the raffles for all the contestants instead of those who at least made it to the final and LOOK - Only one of them actually finished! NONE OF THE OTHERS EVEN MADE IT HALF WAY! Sorry, but, it's crazy.
Shiraishi-Amaya - 8 weeks
NekoLiliah - 4 weeks
RyuuseiGurl - 3 weeks
Atsime - ONE WEEK.

What about the rest of us who worked on this for 18 weeks of our lives. 25 people stayed dedicated to this far longer than those four other winners but apparently that means nothing now... I'm not butthurt because I din't win, I'm butthurt because people who only ever did one or a few drawings won.

You say that it was hard to choose a winner, then what about those you considered runners up that get no recognition or reward? If it weren't for the cosmepix prizes there'd be nothing at all, and cosmepix is just... awful, sorry XD

Sorry I'm being really rude and horrible I just... ugh ;n;
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